Rail safety education


At Queensland Rail, safety is our number one priority. Not only for our customers and employees, but also the communities in which we operate. With a network that extends more than 6,600 kilometres across the state, the liklihood of community members coming into contact with the rail corridor is high. To encourage safe behavour on and around rail property, our Rail Safety Education team deliver rail safety sessions to positively influence the attitudes and behaviours of young children, school students and community members. If you would like to find out more, contact the team at RailSafetyEducation@qr.com.au


Follow Queensland Rail's safety tips to be Railsmart. 

Rail safety education program

Queensland Rail conducts rail safety education sessions for early education centres, schools and community groups. Learn more about our education program

Rail safety education resources 

See Queensland Rail education resources available for teachers, parents and carers to download.