Security initiatives


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

There are approximately 12,000 CCTV surveillance cameras installed across our stations, trains and carparks.

The cameras can be monitored by station staff and staff at Queensland Rail’s Control Centre. All our CCTV cameras record images that can assist police in their investigations.

Guardian Trains

Guardian Trains are Citytrain network services patrolled by Private Security Officers for some or all of the journey. The aim of Guardian Trains is to provide you with peace of mind while travelling during evening periods.

These services are listed on the Queensland Rail timetable, so all customers can choose to travel on these services for additional security. These and other Citytrain services are also subject to random Queensland Police Service and Authorised Officer patrols.

Lock-up carriages

To enhance your safety during the evening, we have adopted international best practice by reducing the number of open carriages available during the evening services.

After 7.30pm, the front carriage of a three-carriage train and the first, fourth, fifth and sixth carriages of a six-carriage train are closed, and the lights turned off. This serves to make patrols easier and to prevent passengers from becoming isolated.

Station core zones

Core zones are being progressively rolled out across the Queensland Rail Citytrain network. Core zones are marked on station platforms by blue-and-white striped lines, and provide customers with enhanced lighting, an emergency phone and video camera surveillance. 
Passengers within core zones can easily seek assistance from Queensland Rail staff such as guards and customer service staff when boarding or alighting from services.

Emergency phones


Emergency phones are situated in the core zones on most station platforms. Some stations also have emergency phones situated in nearby car parks or subways. Activation of the emergency phone will put the caller in direct contact with a Passenger Services Officer who can view the caller through the CCTV.


Multiple emergency phones are available on board all Queensland Rail Citytrain services. Emergency phone buttons are located near the doorways in every carriage and throughout the carriage in some newer models. Activation of the emergency phone will put the caller in direct contact with the guard or driver who can arrange an appropriate response.

Reporting a security incident

In the event of an emergency, call 000 and speak to a member of staff (where present).
If the incident is not an emergency, you can report it to a member of staff (where present) or to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


We are continually improving lighting across the Queensland Rail Citytrain network. Enhanced lighting at stations deters antisocial behaviour and improves the quality of camera surveillance footage.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

We’ve incorporated the principles of CPTED in the design and upgrades of railway stations, car parks and stabling yards. Some of these design principles, such as optimising opportunities for surveillance and clearly defining preferred use within stations can help discourage offenders.