Big machinery hits the tracks


  • 12 new machines have hit Queensland Rail's tracks, improving the reliability of railway infrastructure.
  • The new machinery is a $55 million investment from the Queensland Government.
  • The machines will enable track alignment to be corrected, meaning trains will be able to run faster along sections of the track.


12 new track maintenance machines are hard at work on the Queensland Rail network in a major $55 million investment in the reliability of the tracks.

The new machinery consists of six tamper machines and six ballast regulators, which enable the track alignment to be corrected and maintained, will improve the reliability of railway infrastructure.

The new machines replace approximately half of the tamper / ballast regulator fleet that have reached the end of their working life. 

Ten of the machines will be used on the regional network and two in South East Queensland.

Quotes attributable to Queensland Rail CEO Kat Stapleton:

“This big machinery looks quite impressive and the work they do has impressive outcomes," she said.

The tamper machines smooth track by compacting ballast under and around the sleepers and correct track alignment at the same time.  This ensures the track is aligned to its design parameters and provides a solid foundation for the track and a smoother ride. 

“The ballast regulators manage the placement of ballast on track and are used to fill the cribs (spaces) between the sleepers and adjust the ballast profile at the edges of the track.

“Each tamper machine can smooth and align up to 800 kilometers of track per year and the ballast regulators can re-stock the track ballast at the same rate.

“This investment in track machinery means that Queensland Rail will be able to better maintain our tracks to meet reliability and ride comfort standards, as well as ensuring track speeds are efficient.

“These new machines are maintaining the majority of the track on our regional network and SEQ network, to ensure a smoother and faster journey for all."


For more details, accredited journalists can contact Queensland Rail's media team on:

Phone: 0459 226 970