Industry engagement FAQs

​FAQs context

Is this information applicable across Queensland Rail? 

The focus is on industry engagement relating to projects managed by Queensland Rails Project Delivery team.

The context does not include other capital and operational bodies of work that may occur across other areas of the organisation.

What does Project Delivery do?

The Project Delivery function delivers Queensland Rail’s capital plan and associated projects and programs of work.

Programs and projects may typically include major rollingstock overhauls, new ICT and operational systems, stations and facilities upgrades, signalling and telecommunications upgrades, OHE upgrades, track and bridge / culvert structure upgrades and replacements, security infrastructure and systems upgrades, depot and facilities upgrades, and major stand-alone projects.

Projects vary significantly in terms of scope, physical and operational constraints, value, risk, complexity and stakeholders.

Some project types are common and relate to core railway business, whereas others are a little more unique.

Industry engagement overview

Why is industry engagement important to Queensland Rail?

Queensland Rail is committed to improving engagement with business and industry in the delivery of our capital works.

We recognise the strong value of enhanced relationships, greater transparency of information, and the synergies of working positively together.

This has mutual benefit for all parties, and creates opportunities to realise solutions that are innovative, represent the best value for money and harness best-practice and emerging technologies - ultimately leading to a more productive Queensland.

What industry engagement initiatives are currently in place?

 Project Delivery undertake a range of industry engagement initiatives including:

  • Regular forums with peak industry bodies have been established, to build and mature the relationship and information sharing between organisations.
  • The re-development of a dedicated external web portal for business and industry, which includes access to procurement policy and tendering information
  • Market sounding - Part of our delivery strategy process is to engage with the market via a controlled market sounding process on several projects. We have gone to various Contractor or Consultant organisations early in the concept phase of the project with specific questions to help us decide on the best approach to the market.

Industry forums

What is the purpose and scope of the forums?

The Industry Forums have been established to build and mature the relationship and information sharing between Queensland Rail and peak industry bodies.

Typically the scope is to:

  • Create an established forum for the communication of critical issues and/or opportunities for improvement that are or may be experienced through Queensland Rail’s s design, procurement, contract and delivery of capital works. 
  • Provide an opportunity for the discussion on innovations that may be relevant to future Queensland Rail infrastructure projects.

Who are the participating bodies?

 Regular forums have been held with peak industry bodies:  

  • Civil Contractors Federation (CCF)
  • Consult Australia (CA)
  • Infrastructure Association Queensland (IAQ)
  • Queensland Major Contractors Association (QMCA) 

Opportunities will also be established with other bodies. A variety of industries and sub-sectors (such as infrastructure, manufacturing and information communications technologies), and service types will be included in engagement activities.

Who attends?

The core membership consists of a small group of senior and executive management from Queensland Rail and the participating body. There are approximately four to five members from each organisation.

The seniority of the members and the contained size of the group allows for frank discussion in a confidential environment, and for more effective consideration and resolution of issues. 

What is addressed? 

Agenda items typically include key topic areas of:

  • Procurement and contracts.
  • Industry issues.
  • Queensland Rail organisational requirements and updates.
  • Industry trends.

The forum members are invited to raise proposed agenda items with the Secretariat. In representing the needs and concerns of body members the items may vary based upon the top priorities at the time.

How can I find out more about the discussions and outcomes?

Information discussed during the forums may be of a sensitive nature and is therefore subject to confidentiality.

However the outcomes will ultimately help to shape future directions and filter into how the parties operate and maximise opportunities.

How can I get an item on the agenda? 

Contact your industry body representative to share a hot topic that you think should be addressed in the forum.
Typically your industry body will proactively canvas members and may be well informed of hot topics already.

Will there be other forums with Queensland Rail that are open to industry body members?
It is the intention of Queensland Rail to run annual or bi-annual wider forum of this nature. This will be more openly available to industry body members. It is planned to commence this in 2017.

Additionally Queensland Rail representatives may take the opportunity to attend and actively participate in forums that are run by industry.

Further information and contact

How do I ensure that my industry body group is included in engagement initiatives with Queensland Rail? 

Contact your industry body to bring the potential opportunity to their attention. Encourage them to make contact with Queensland Rail if they have not already done so.

How do I direct general industry engagement enquires to Queensland Rail?

Email us on

Examples of enquiries might include:

  • As above – inclusion of an industry body in the industry engagement initiatives.
  • General feedback about industry engagement items on our website or publicised elsewhere – ideas for improvement, amendments, etc.
  • New opportunity for greater industry engagement.