​Our Commitment

Queensland Rail is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and incorporating environmental sustainability into our operations, for the benefit of our customers, our people, the community and the environment.

What we will do

To deliver on this commitment, Queensland Rail will:

  • comply with applicable legal and other obligations relating to the environment and implement practices that deliver environmentally sustainable outcomes;
  • prevent or minimise degradation of the environment, including the minimising of waste;
  • identify and manage environmental impacts through appropriate planning and design;
  • optimise resource efficiencies having regard to local and global impacts;
  • select environmentally sound products and services where these are fit for purpose and represent value for money;
  • monitor and evaluate environmental performance in order to drive continual improvement;
  • foster an environmentally aware and responsible workforce culture through training, education and awareness;
  • engage with key stakeholders, government, communities, contractors and suppliers on environmental matters; and
  • implement and maintain an Environmental Management System to aid identification, evaluation and management of our environmental risks and identify opportunities to improve our performance.