Our Commitment

​Queensland Rail recognises the importance of Information to our business, and the need to both control and protect information, whilst leveraging and maximizing its value.  Queensland Rail is committed to managing its information assets in an accountable and coordinated manner in accordance with legislative requirements, applicable government policies and principles of good governance.

Queensland Rail will strive to become a data driven organisation, and become an open and connected organisation by thinking, planning and doing things with better insight.

What we will do

To support the achievement of business objectives and maintain effective information governance, we will ensure:

Information is recognised as a Valuable Asset -

  • maintain an integrated information governance framework to effectively manage information assets and provide assurances that information risk and compliance protocols are being effectively applied;
  • promote a culture of accountability and responsibility for the retention, protection and proper use of Queensland Rail's information assets;
  • information should be exploited proactively by the business to give maximum business benefit

 Information is actively managed and compliant -

  •  review the effectiveness of the information framework and related protocols, standards and controls by monitoring, assessments and consultation;
  • assign accountability for managing information domains;
  • provide information management training to promote an understanding of the demands of contemporary information management practices

Information is accurate and secure -

  • adequately protect information, where necessary, to ensure it meets privacy, confidentiality and integrity standards and regularly review information management protocols to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information assets;
  • ensure the security and integrity of information and data through the application of controls throughout the information lifecycle

Information is shared and accessible –

  • information is open, shared and accessible by default to create an open transparent business

Information is commonly described –

  • Information Owners and Stewards maintain business glossaries for their domain and publish for use by all Queensland Rail staff.