Risk Management

​Our Commitment

Queensland Rail is committed to effectively managing risk.  This is achieved through compliance with legislation, alignment to our objectives, and integration with strategies and performance. It is embedded in our planning, change management, safety, project and program management, innovation, business continuity and good governance systems.

Risk management is an essential component of organisational responsibility and accountability to achieve Queensland Rail’s vision of becoming a customer focused, modern, world class railway.

What we will do

To deliver effective risk management outcomes to support the achievement of Queensland Rail’s objectives, we will apply the Risk Management Principles from ISO 31000.  Where risk management will:

  • Create and protect value
  • Be an integral part of organisational processes
  • Be part of decision making
  • Explicitly address uncertainty
  • Be systematic, structured and timely
  • Be based on the best available information
  • Be tailored
  • Take into account human and cultural factors
  • Be transparent and inclusive
  • Be dynamic, iterative and responsive to change
  • Facilitate the continual improvement of Queensland Rail