Industry engagement


Queensland Rail recognises the benefit of industry engagement to create positive outcomes for all parties.

Regular forums with peak industry bodies have been established, to build and mature the relationship and information sharing between organisations. This helps to:

  • Improve understanding of our organisational requirements and the planned pipeline of capital works.
  • Provide the opportunity to understand and discuss our procurement policies and guidelines.
  • Communicate critical issues and/or opportunities for improvement.
  • Provide opportunity for discussion on innovations that may be relevant to future Queensland Rail infrastructure projects.
  • Foster collaboration and information sharing between Queensland Rail and industry bodies.

For more forum information please click on our industry engagement FAQs.

Projects Pipeline Report

Queensland Rail has a large pipeline of capital works that are unique to a railway environment.  The Projects Pipeline Report outlines a rolling 12 month outlook of our project delivery pipeline, and this is updated on a quarterly basis.

The focus is on projects managed by Queensland Rails Project Delivery team. The report does not include other capital and operational bodies of work that may occur across other areas of the organisation.

The details provided below are indicative only and subject to change over time. Not all projects being undertaken by Queensland Rail will necessarily be represented. The procurement and delivery approach for each project will be determined by Queensland Rail, which may utilise internal resources, or external contractors, or a combination of both. 

Specific detail relating to works intended to be contracted will become available when Queensland Rail advertises on Q-Tender.  

If you would like to know more about our industry engagement including the Projects Pipeline Report, please refer to our industry engagement FAQs​.

Download the Projects Pipeline Report (PDF).

collapse Category : Electrical, Operational and Telecommunications Program ‎(11)
B.04005CCTV Upgrade at Level CrossingsInstall protection measures (CCTV cameras) at targeted level crossings.South East Queensland$1M - $5M16/17 Q3
B.04051TOS Technology Refresh And FunctionalityReplace all obsolete components of the life expired Train Overview System (TOS) and enhance functionality.System Wide$5M - $10M17/18 Q1
B.04325Mt Isa Level Crossing Protect. RenewalsReplace life expired level crossing protection.Supply Chain North$5M - $10M16/17 Q2
B.04385Booster Transformer RotationProcure and rotate Booster transformers in the SEQ system.South East Queensland$1M - $5M16/17 Q4
B.04394Contact Wire Wear At CrossingsReplace worn overhead contact wire (typically at diamond crossing/turnout locations).South East Queensland<$1M16/17 Q4
B.04407Establish Second Centralised Equipment NodeEstablish second equipment node to provide redundancy for key signalling, telecommunications and control equipment.South East Queensland$10M - $20M16/17 Q3
B.04419Kuranda Range Tunnel RepeatersImplement new radio repeaters to provide radio coverage in tunnels.Supply Chain North<$1M16/17 Q3
B.04425Mt Isa Operational LANImplement remote monitoring for radio bases.Supply Chain NorthTBAPost 17/18
B.04706Level Crossing MonitoringInstall Remote Monitoring System (RMS) based level crossing monitor at various locations.System Wide<$1M16/17 Q2
B.04730RMS Rollout - West More.Rollout remote monitoring system (RMSV2).Supply Chain South<$1M17/18 Q1
B.04764RMS Rollout - Statewide (ex WM)Replace Remote Monitoring System (RMSV2) statewide.System Wide$1M - $5M17/18 Q1
collapse Category : Major Projects ‎(4)
B.04210NGR Operational Readiness: Power DistribWith additional trains on the track power demands will increase- there is a need to upgrade 2 feeder stations and conduct a renewal process.South East Queensland$20M - $50M16/17 Q2
B.04560NGR Network Stabling CompatibilityMeasure capability to stable NGR trains across the SEQ network within existing stabling yards, and modify yards to accommodate.South East Queensland$5M - $10M16/17 Q3
B.04641Switchroom Renewal: Mayne & YeerongpillyRenew and reconfigure switchboards.South East Queensland$10M - $20M16/17 Q2
B.04735ETCS - Inner CityETCS - Design, Install, Commission a European Train Control SystemSouth East Queensland>$50M16/17 Q4
collapse Category : Operational Improvement Program ‎(5)
B.04070Level Crossing Install Remote MonitoringDesign, procurement, installation, commissioning of the latest version of the new Remote Monitoring System Version 2 (RMSV2).System Wide<$1M17/18 Q1
B.04536Video Management System ReplacementReplace the Current Video Management System (VMS) and integration with Rollingstock video feeds and NGR VMS.System Wide$1M - $5MTBA
B.04637Track Access System RolloutRollout of the Track Access System to Remote Controlled Signalling (RCS) territory.System Wide<$1M16/17 Q3
B.04699Bridge Strike Detection System - Stage 2Improved efficiency associated with managing bridge strike incidents.South East QueenslandTBAPost 17/18
TBAValue Management InitiativeProvide Value Management consultancy services - baselining and benchmarking, assess processes and practices,  change management.Management Systems<$1MTBA
collapse Category : Rollingstock Program ‎(2)
B.04565Gyroscope Data Acquisition SystemsProcure portable Gyroscope measuring devices with data acquisition software/systems. Includes installation and testing on tilt trains travelling on the North Coast Line.System Wide<$1M16/17 Q2
TBATraveltrain fleet replacement options developmentAnalysis of current and future fleet and technology offerings and develop a dynamic model to facilitate future fleet option selection including fleet procurement, delivery, operational transition and associated costs.System WideTBA16/17 Q2
collapse Category : Signalling Program ‎(7)
B.04064Westect ATP System UpgradeDevelop, trial and partially rollout a new Westrace Mk2 based wayside encoder. Develop new wayside system support tools. Develop and rollout a number of rollingstock system changes to the WESTECT system.Supply Chain South$10M - $20M17/18 Q2
B.04082Bundaberg ResignallingReplace existing signal interlockings with a new Processor Based Interlocking (PBI).Supply Chain South$10M - $20M16/17 Q4
B.04473Remote Monitoring Of Signalling EquipmentImplement a Points Conditioning Monitoring (PCM) system.South East Queensland$1M - $5M16/17 Q3
B.04495Signalling Renewal - Cairns, Woree, PortsmithReplace life expired signalling interlockings.Supply Chain North$1M - $5MPost 17/18
B.04615Mt Isa Asset Protection - Stage 2Install additional wayside detection devices.Supply Chain North$1M - $5M16/17 Q2
B.04728Signal cable replacement Grandchester to LaidleyReplace signalling cable.Supply Chain South$1M - $5M16/17 Q2
B.04739Tramway Diamond Crossing Sig. UpgradesReplace semaphore signals with approach locked colour light signalling at selected crossings.Supply Chain North$1M - $5M16/17 Q3
collapse Category : Station Upgrade Program ‎(8)
B.04184Lift Modernisation 2014-15Refurbish lifts, which have all passed their serviceable life (Toombul, Petrie, Ipswich, and  Eagle Junction Stations).South East Queensland$1M - $5M16/17 Q3
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