Queensland Rail History Podcast

This image includes a background with a sepia photograph and faded 'old fashioned writing'. The foreground is a more modern style newspaper clipping including the Queensland Rail logo and title 'History Podcast'.


​Our podcast is very much like the beginnings of the Queensland Railways in 1865, a journey into the rich tapestry that is the story of Queensland. Since the colony and later the state of Queensland first came into existence, a story has been evolving in the background. A story of iron, and steel, of timber and tin and most importantly, people. When people think about the railway they think of the iconic images of the steam locomotives, rollingstock, railway lines and stations, but so much of our history is the result of the hard work and vision of people. Not only nearly 160 years ago – but even today. 

Podcast Hosts​

Greg Hallam​

Greg Hallam

Greg Hallam has been with Queensland Rail for 23 years, and is the Historian for the organisation. Greg has been active professionally in the cultural heritage and community history field for nearly 30 years. Greg also comes from a third-generation Queensland railway family and enjoys documenting and relating the nearly 160 year story of the railways in Queensland.​

These days he plies his historical trade for Queensland Rail from Toowoomba, (“Our railway opening here in 1867”). Still he finds each and every day in his role for Queensland Rail, some unique little historical nugget that he never suspected or realised, that still makes his job fascinating.

Annette Caesa​​r

Annette Caesar

Annette has been working at Queensland Rail for 16 years and enjoys the variety and opportunities available and has recently moved to the Marketing team. 

Annette is motivated by the chance to learn something new, in her new role there is a lot to learn. She says: "it is very rewarding to see a safety campaign hit the market, educating customers on the safest way to travel, and is fortunate to have some great mentors helping her along".

When Annette is away from work, she spends most of her time with her family: her husband, and two children. Annette says her world definitely revolves around them. "Between us, we are at some sort of extracurricular activity most days. I am a dedicated parkrunner, completing over 280 runs to date and volunteering over 60 times. It's the best way to start the weekend", says Annette.​​


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