Station Accessibility Upgrade Program

Through Queensland Rail's ongoing Station Accessibility Upgrade Program, we are focused on upgrading our stations and facilities to provide a service that is accessible, easy to get to, and easy to use.

As part of the Queensland Government's commitment to providing accessible, safe and reliable public transport services for all Queenslanders, the Government is progressively investing $357 million towards improving accessibility at South East Queensland train stations.

Under Queensland Rail's $300 million Station Accessibility Upgrade Program, there are a number of confirmed Queensland Rail station upgrade projects at various stages of development - from planning and design, through to construction or completion. An additional $57 million has been committed towards accessibility upgrades for a further six stations, from Fairfield to Salisbury (F2S), to be delivered as part of the Cross River Rail project.

These upgrades will significantly improve access for all customers including customers with disabilities, seniors, parents with prams, people with injuries or those carrying luggage.

The following stations are included in the program:

​Station​Status​Expected completion date
Completed​Construction completed in late 2017
Construction completed in mid 2020
Detailed design underway.
Negotiations with the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) developers about various project features are ongoing. Once complete, Queensland Rail will be in a position to determine completion dates.


Early works underway. ​Tenders for design and construction to be released to market in 2019 ​Once contractors have been engaged, Queensland Rail will be in a position to determine dates for completion
​Planning stage

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is currently considering Loganlea station as part of its investigations into the proposed Kuraby to Beenleigh Capacity Improvement Project.

​Accessibility upgrades for six stations will be delivered as part of the Cross River Rail project (CRR)

Visit Cross River Rail for more details


For more information about your station upgrade or to join a project mailing list for regular updates, email or phone the project team on 1800 722 203 (free call).

Station prioritisation

Queensland Rail's station prioritisation approach will ensure upgrades are delivered to stations at key locations, providing accessibility benefits for a broad range of customers. The prioritisation process also provides the opportunity to deliver maximum benefit from associated transport infrastructure projects, such as transit-oriented developments at Albion and Buranda, the Kuraby to Beenleigh capacity study underway involving consideration of the Loganlea station, and the Cross River Rail project.