Pomona pedestrian crossing upgrade

​Queensland Rail is improving pedestrian safety at the Pomona station pedestrian crossing, as part of an overall program to ensure our regional level crossings meet national safety standards.

Following community consultation in 2017, Queensland Rail committed to retaining and upgrading the pedestrian crossing due to its historical significance and role in promoting walkability through the town.

Queensland Rail has finalised the design for the pedestrian crossing which is available to view under resources below. Improvements to the Pomona pedestrian crossing will include:

  • Replacing the existing flashing light with a pedestrian signal
  • Adding a new flashing sign to alert pedestrians when another train is coming, should a train be stopped at the station
  • Introducing a pedestrian maze (without gates), designed to cater for horse riders, mobility scooters and cyclists
  • Signage to instruct horse and bicycle riders to dismount prior to crossing and a height gauge to ensure rider safety
  • New concrete path connections on both sides connecting to the station carpark on the east and Station Street on the west
  • Lighting along the new path connection from Station Street and up to the station carpark
  • Fencing on both sides of the crossing.

Works to upgrade the pedestrian crossing will occur progressively in 2019. During works, there may be short closures to the pedestrian crossing, with pedestrians being directed to use alternative crossings for their safety.

For more information or to provide feedback, please phone 13 16 17 or email communityengagement@qr.com.au


  • Pomona pedestrian crossing - Project update - October 2018 PDF | DOC