Toowoomba Range Slope Stabilisation project

​Project overview 

Queensland Rail is investing $37 million to ensure the safety and reliability of its network across the Toowoomba region. The Toowoomba Range Slope Stabilisation (TRSS) project will improve the drainage and slope stability at two key sites on the Toowoomba Range.

The works will enable our system to cope with wet weather conditions more effectively and reduce the risk of unplanned closures, which impact freight and passenger rail services.

This project will help support the local economy and community through improved reliability for freight and passenger rail services. 

What is involved? 
The slope stabilisation project commenced in September 2019 and will be completed by late-2020. Works are being carried out primarily during normal working hours (Monday to Saturday 7am – 5pm).

However, to safely complete the works while minimising impacts to freight and passenger services on the West Moreton Rail System, some of the works will take place during scheduled track closures on a 24-hour basis. Two four-day closures occurred in September and October, with one further scheduled for November 2019 and an additional two planned in 2020 (dates to be confirmed).

The works involve the excavation and rebuilding of the embankments and will include the use of heavy equipment, increased noise, dust and light levels and construction traffic, including reversing beepers.

There will also be increased truck movements as rock fill material is delivered to the site. Vehicles will be accessing the work sites via Murphy’s Creek Road, Donnollys Road and McCormack Drive. Water will be used as necessary to minimise excess dust.

Queensland Rail is aware that noise and lighting from such operations can cause temporary disturbance for our valued neighbours. Every effort will be made to carry out these works with minimal disruption and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Keeping you informed 

Queensland Rail is committed to keeping stakeholders and the community informed about the Toowoomba Range Slope Stabilisation project.

For more information, please phone 13 16 17 (between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday) or email