Hard Pass to Trespass

The Hard Pass to Trespass campaign aims to reduce trespassing incidents on the Queensland Rail network which can lead to service disruptions, personal injury or death. 

The issue

Throughout the 2019-20 financial year there were 2,835 trespass incidents recorded on the Queensland Rail network. For the same period, 167 trespass incidents involved near misses with trains.  

Short-cut taking across railway tracks and between station platforms as well as vandalism – particularly graffiti, are among the most common reasons behind trespassing.  

By accessing electrified sections of the corridor, trespassers are putting themselves at risk of electrocution or being struck by a train. Their actions can also put the safety of rail customers and Queensland Rail employees at risk, and cause delays to rail services.  

Authorised Officers patrol trains and stations, and some are trained as Rail Corridor Protection Officers so that they can patrol within the rail corridor. They have Authorised Person powers under legislation which enables them to issue on the spot fines to anyone who enters or leaves a railway other than through a proper entrance or exit, or who crosses a railway line at a non-designated crossing ($266). Interfering with public transport infrastructure, service, vehicle or equipment carries a fine of $533.  

Queensland Rail have a proud and longstanding relationship with the Queensland Police Service (QPS). Under the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 – a person must not intentionally or recklessly trespass on a railway. A charge for trespass carries a maximum penalty  of 40 units ($5,338). 

The campaign

The Hard Pass to Trespass launched in December 2020 and aims to generate awareness among risk-taking males aged 15-30 years of the consequences of trespassing.  

With approximately 12,000 CCTV cameras on the network, a dedicated team of Rail Squad Officers, Security and Emergency teams, Authorised Officers and Private Security Guards, the odds of getting caught are high.

The campaign can be seen on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat), in trains and at stations.  


Our Security team monitor the safety and security of our customers and staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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