Queensland Rail social media policy

At Queensland Rail we want to stay in touch and remain connected with our valued customers.

In line with the rapidly evolving nature of communications, we are currently using numerous social media platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn) as a direct point of contact.  

  • We actively monitor our social media accounts from 6am-7pm on weekdays and 9am-5pm on weekends and public holidays.
  • Our team does make every attempt to read and respond to each communication individually.
  • Our aim is to create positive social media communities for all our users and customers.
  • At Queensland Rail we actively encourage all participants to follow the below guidelines to ensure this is achieved. 
  • Be respectful of others: No violent, obscene, profane, divisive, hateful, racist content, personal attacks, links, images and comments that threaten or defame any person or organisation.
  • Value all members: Do not incite or express hatred on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexuality or other personal characteristics.
  • On topic content: No solicitations or advertisements for commercial gain or content that negatively impacts the purpose of the community or multiple or successive off-topic posts by a single user.
  • Legal perimeters: No violations of copyright, stalking, discussions of illegal activities and other criminal activities are permitted.
  • Please note Queensland Rail reserves the right to monitor, moderate and remove any content that it considers outside of these guidelines. Queensland Rail also reserves the right to remove access to anyone who breaches these guidelines.
  • Facebook also reserves the right to remove any content users post on the Queensland Rail Facebook page which is in violation of Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Queensland Rail does not endorse any of the businesses that it shares on its social media platforms.
  • We encourage all our valued customers to engage with us on our various social media platforms and to share the experiences they’ve enjoyed during their time travelling on our Queensland Rail network.