Size Matters

The Size Matters campaign aims to prevent future rail bridge collisions by encouraging South East Queensland drivers to know the height of their vehicle and load, and to plan their journey ahead.  

The issue 

During the 2019-2020 financial year, Queensland Rail and its customers have been impacted by a significant number of over-height vehicles and loads colliding with low clearance rail bridges. With a total of 68 rail bridge collisions in South East Queensland, the worst hit locations were Muriel Avenue, Rocklea (9); Visentin Road, Morayfield (9); Logan Road, Buranda (7), Oxley Road, Corinda (7) and Dunlop Terrace, Corinda (5).   

A rail bridge collision is not only hazardous to the driver of the vehicle, their passengers and other road users, they can also endanger rail customers if serious damage is caused to rail infrastructure. Apart from the risk to lives, motorists who damage rail infrastructure can be fined $1,067 and four demerit points. Queensland Rail actively pursues motorists for the cost of repairs which would otherwise be borne by taxpayers. If the matter goes to court, the maximum penalty for causing damage to rail infrastructure is 80 penalty units  ($10,676).

Rail bridge collisions can also cause lengthy delays for road and rail users. During the 2019-2020 financial year, there were 419 trains delayed as a result.  

The campaign 

The campaign message is simple: 'Know your trucking height' and steer clear of rail bridges where your vehicle or load is too high. By understanding the risks and consequences of losing focus, hopefully drivers will become more alert and plan their journey before heading out on the road.  

Launched in August 2020, the Size Matters campaign is appearing on roadside billboards, social media, radio, Spotify and in popular industry publications.  


Watch how taking a short cut in an over-height vehicle could impact your day.


These CCTV clips show how important it is to know your trucking height and plan your journey ahead of time.


Here’s the top four hot spots for rail bridge collisions in South East Queensland over the last financial year.

If you drive an over-height vehicle or load, know your trucking height. Find a list of low rail bridge locations here to plan your journey ahead.

Campaign awards

The Size Matters campaign has been awarded a 2021 Public Relations Institute of Australia, Golden Target award, in the Crisis and Issues Management Campaign category.