Over-dimensional road loads (ODRL)


​​​​You are required to obtain permission from Queensland Rail to take over-dimensional road loads (ODRL) across Queensland Rail infrastructure under the Transport Infrastructure (Rail) Regulation 2006 Act. Typical examples of such loads are houses, earthmoving equipment, transformers, machinery, or agricultural equipment.

If a road load exceeds any of the requirements listed below, and it is required to transport the load across Queensland Rail infrastructure, you must apply for permission in the form of a permit (or a confirmation) issued by the over-dimensional road loads section. This permit or confirmation ensures safe travel over all Queensland Rail infrastructures. The type of authority will depend on the type of load being transported and the required route. 

For more information on the legislative requirements, view the Transport Infrastructure (Rail) Regulation 2006 Act​, opens in new window.

If you would like more information please see the frequently asked questions.

As a condition of providing an ODRL transit permit to you, Queensland Rail will require that you provide proof of the following insurance cover.

  • public liability insurance for an amount no less than $20 million
  • workers compensation as required by law
  • comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the vehicle/s engaged in the Queensland Rail ODRL movement
  • we will require this proof to be in the form of Certificates of Currency for each class of insurance noted above with a validity period covering the period of the ODRL movement, and  in any event, no less than 3 months
  • insurance certificates are not required with every Queensland Rail ODRL application
  • those insurance policies when renewed a copy of each is emailed to roadloads@qr.com.au  to update our files

If you have concerns or require further information contact Queensland Rail between 7:00am and 3:00pm Monday to Friday on 07 3072 1719 or email roadloads@qr.com.au.

Where approval is required

Approval must be obtained where a vehicle's load meets at least one of the following descriptions:

  • over-weight vehicles, long vehicles, wide vehicles, and high vehicles
  • the total of all axle mass weight for the vehicle is over 105 tonnes
  • the axle mass for any single axle of the vehicle is over 12 tonnes
  • the total of all axle masses for any 9 meters of the vehicle's length is over 48 tonnes.

It is necessary to drive a vehicle that has the following over-length dimensions:

  • The vehicle is longer than 35 meters on a railway crossing

It is necessary to drive a vehicle that has the following over-width dimensions:

  • The vehicle is wider than 5.5 meters wide; or the distance between the posts of a height barrier for the crossing

High vehicles

A person must not drive a vehicle on a railway crossing if the vehicle is higher than:

  • a height barrier for the crossing
  • if the crossing is at a place where the SEQ electrified track crosses an access road - 4.1 meters
  • if the crossing is at a place where the SEQ electrified track crosses another road - 5 meters
  • if the crossing is at a place where another electrified railway track crosses an access road - 4.3 meters otherwise - 5.2 meters.

Application requiring a protection officer

A protection officer is required in addition to a permit, dependent upon the particular conditions of the crossing and road load.

If you would like more information please see the frequently asked questions.

If you would like to submit an application, please refer to the information below or call the ODRL coordinator on 07 3072 1719.

Application process

  • Step 1: download the application form to move the ODRL
  • Step 2: complete the application form and email it to roadloads@qr.com.au as a Microsoft Word document
  • Step 3: our team will email back a confirmation or permit or request further information
  • Step 4: it is then your responsibility to provide your driver and the Queensland Police Service (QPS) with a copy of the authority.

Ensure that you read the terms and conditions at the top of the application form before completing the form in full.

The customer must complete all the fields with the correct information provided with a full route description, list Queensland Rail over level crossings and bridges if known, and provide the date and departure time at stop over the location(s) en-route in rail crossing rows/column’s town and approximate time & date.

Please email your completed applications to roadloads@qr.com.au as an attached Microsoft Word document.

Before your permit or confirmation is issued we will require your motor vehicle insurance engaged in road loads movements, public liability insurance, and work cover policy. 

Handwritten, scanned, or PDF Queensland Rail ODRL applications will not be processed and therefore cannot be accepted.

Important note: QPS requires three working days’ notice of Queensland Rail ODRL permit or confirmation prior to the date of movement for the customer to provide evidence of Queensland Rail permit or confirmation prior to the date of movement.

Aurizon rail network

Where the route crosses both infrastructures (Queensland Rail and Aurizon rail network) each rail network will require individual over dimensional road loads applications to be completed and accompanied with the full route description before being submitted by the customer.