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​​​​​​Please see below for relevant information pertaining to all existing customers. If you have any further queries, please contact the telecommunications commercial team.

Useful information1

1 Note QR National Employees: Terms and conditions for cross organisational support may be found in the Telecommunications Services Agreement. Employees should only utilise forms and procedures relating to maintenance-related Standard Site Access.

Standard site access

Site access is issued on an individual basis for customers who already have their equipment on a Queensland Rail site and require access to maintain their equipment, attend faults, or do a like-for-like replacement.

Customers will be required to complete a ​Site Access Request Form (PDF, 110.91 KB)  ​ (DOC, 58.32 KB) to obtain clearance to enter a site.​ ​

Depending on the task and/or location, the standard application process may take up to 20 working days from notification through to site visit.

Once the application has been processed, the customer will receive a receipt of site access request, outlining the location, work, safety and support details for the access date. The site visit will be classified as either escorted or unescorted visitation.

Only qualified riggers are allowed to access any carry out construction tasks on Queensland tower structures, and must carry proof of their qualification upon their person. Non-riggers may be permitted access on application at the sole discretion of Queensland Rail.

Note: Any additional equipment or upgrades installed during the site access will be considered as new business.

Emergency site access

If emergency site access is required due to a critical fault, customers are required to contact the Queensland Rail Fault coordination centre on​ ​​07 3235 1275 (Brisbane) or 07 4772 8275 (Townsville).

These applications will be assessed on a case by case basis, and the standard application process will be waived. However, written confirmation (and reasons) for the access are to be forwarded immediately after the fault is rectified (typically within 24 hours) to Queensland Rail.

Site inductions

Customers who request to enter a Queensland Rail telecommunications site shall receive a safety briefing by Queensland Rail before accessing a site for the first time and as identified for any subsequent visits.

The site induction consists of advice on all known hazards associated with the site being accessed, as well as general rules and hazards associated with Queensland Rail sites.

The briefing will include (where applicable and appropriate) Queensland Rail policies, standards and conditions current at time of entry, OH&S requirements, environmental hazards that may be present and awareness of site EME radiation.

Any access must be supported by the customer's documented procedures.

Site radiation folders

As site controller, Queensland Rail is obliged to provide information for the benefit of staff and invitees regarding the EME Radiation levels prevailing at the site.

Queensland Rail meets this obligation by developing site radiation folders (also referred to as an RCSMB - Radio Communication Site Management Book) for display at each of the radiocommunication sites under Queensland Rail's control. Folders are contained in external enclosures at sites where other users have a presence. This enclosure is accessible by use of the appropriately issued key. Where any site is for Queensland Rail operational purposes alone, the folder will be found inside the CER.

Amendments to radio Infrastructure

Customers are obliged to record any changes to the status of the existing radio infrastructure including transmitters, antennas or cabling via the 'Record of Amendment' form and in the 'Amendment Index Register' within the folder. This advice shall be conveyed to the Queensland Rail Representative during the 'as-built' or final inspection.

Customers are requested to advise Queensland Rail at the earliest opportunity of any damage or unusual situation noticed or occurring during the visit via the FCC, including written confirmation and accompanying photos.

Escorted visitation

Depending on the location of the works, a Track Protection Officer or other Queensland Rail Representative may need to be present throughout the length of the visit for safety and/or technical reasons. This is known as an escorted visitation

The customer will be billed at the standard rate.

Unescorted visitation

If the customer is authorised for unescorted visitation, the customer will be issued the appropriate key/s to the main gate and the site infrastructure that the customer need to attend.

In some instances Queensland Rail may require that the customer collect the key to the site from a nominated Queensland Rail representative each time the customer need to visit the site.

While the customer is on Queensland Rail's site, the customer must:

  • Contact Queensland Rail's fault coordination centre on 07 3235 1275 (Brisbane) or 07 4772 8275 (Townsville) and advise of the time to be spent on site
  • Quote the access reference, advise of all personnel on site, confirm duration of visit and notify FCC on completion of works
  • Comply with all reasonable directions and requests made by Queensland Rail's representative
  • Consult the site radiation folder or other hazard register if the customer's activities are likely to involve work in those areas
  • Not access, use, tamper with or in any way interfere with any equipment or facilities that are not the customer's own.

The customer must ensure that any keys issued for the visit are not copied or given to anyone else while they are in the customer's care. The customer must ensure that they are returned as advised by Queensland Rail's representative.

Before the customer leaves the Queensland Rail site, the customer must:

  • Report any damage at the site by contacting Queensland Rail's representative
  • Ensure that all tools, equipment, surplus materials and personal rubbish are removed
  • Ensure the facility is locked
  • Contact the Queensland Rail's representative and advise of site exit.

Queensland Rail reserves the rights to refuse, limit or restrict any individual's attendance at a site for breach of these requirements.


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