New business

​​​​​​​​Queensland Rail operates over 2,000km​s of optical fiber and 3,150 km of microwave radio systems, supporting the running of trains, signalling, overhead power-control, and monitoring systems, as well as providing a platform for ancillary voice and data communications.


Consistent with Section 47 of the Telecommunications Act 1997, Queensland Rail can provide a range of wholesale services to the industry, including access to radio communication towers, managed data service, and dark fibre.

For access to services within the Central Queensland coal region, please contact Aurizon.​

Please see the below to find out more about the application process, or alternatively contact the telecommunications commercial team.

Application process

Queensland Rail has a standard application process for all new businesses.

The information below outlines the process for a site licence. Please note that depending on the type of facility requested by the customer, the information, documentation, and safety obligations required from the customer may be subject to variation.

Download the diagrammatical representation of the application process.

Pre-build phase

Tower Licence application form

If a customer approaches Queensland Rail to install equipment at one of its telecommunications sites, the customer will be required to complete a Tower Licence application form. This form sets out the basic and technical details of the equipment the customer wishes to install, providing Queensland Rail with the information necessary to progress the customer's application.

Download the Tower licence application form 

Fibre Connection Services application form

If the customer approaches Queensland Rail with a request for managed data services or dark fiber, the customer is required to complete a Fibre Connection Services application form. The customer should be aware that a nominated carrier may be required, depending on the service.

Download the Fibre Connection Services application form 

At the request of the customer, Queensland Rail may forward supplementary information on the site and/or existing equipment to assist in the application.

Application fee

All applications attract a flat non-refundable application fee of $2,000 ex GST.

The fee shall not be charged unless Queensland Rail is convinced that the application will stand a reasonable chance of succeeding.

The fee contributes to the costs necessary to progress new applications, including the time spent on technical analysis, strategic alignment, business group review, contract design, and negotiation.

Depending on the scope and location of the works, Queensland Rail may invite the customer to a preliminary site visit to assess the application's requirements against what is physically located on-site.

Support including site inspections, track closures and travel will be billed separately as advised by Queensland Rail.

Application supporting documentation

Indicative proposal

Once Queensland Rail confirms that capacity exists, and is strategically aligned with the future direction of its business, using the information supplied in the application, an indicative proposal is drafted and returned to the customer.

The indicative proposal represents a preliminary assessment only and is not intended to form a legally binding arrangement between the parties. 

The indicative proposal may include:

  • defined service description
  • permitted use
  • standard charges
  • availability
  • capacity considerations
  • exclusions
  • general terms and conditions.

Finalisation of arrangements, including the charges applicable, and procedure to the build phase, will require a confirmation of the details of the request, through a method of procedure and scope of works.

Method of procedure

Once an indicative proposal is drafted by Queensland Rail, the customer will be required to produce a Method of Procedure (MOP). 

A MOP must document in sequence how an activity is proposed to be undertaken to minimise risks, consisting of:

  • the proposed installation dates
  • the names of all personnel who will need access to the site
  • what major equipment is to be taken onto the site
  • how the work is to be completed i.e. procedures and stages
  • if the customer's work will require existing services on the site to cease operation during construction.

Where required by legislation, any license details must be provided, as well as all OH&S requirements.

Scope of works

Within the scope of work, the customer is expected to provide the following:

  • detailed manufacturers' specifications for all antennas to be installed
  • comprehensive technical drawings, containing all necessary information and measurements
  • the tower strength analysis (where applicable)
  • a signed copy of the engineer's report attesting to the integrity of the structure.

Build phase

Throughout the build phase, the customer will be required to comply with all reasonable directions and requests made by Queensland Rail's representative and comply with all current Queensland Rail standard policies and procedures applicable to the task.

Works may be escorted or unescorted depending on the task. 

For more information, please see the existing customers section.

Post-build phase

As-built inspection

As-built inspections are performed at the finalisation of the build phase of the application/project. These are performed at the expense of the customer to ensure the equipment installed matches that of the application. These are performed before any services are activated and/or commissioned.

If during an audit, Queensland Rail finds any discrepancy, customers are required to provide an explanation. Additionally, if Queensland Rail discovers the installation is below the required standard Queensland Rail may make the necessary changes to bring it up to standard at the customer's cost.

Standard contractual terms:

  • the minimum term for a tower licence is one year (maximum term 15 years)
  • customers shall not assign, share, or sublease any part of their tower licence to a third party
  • the customer is responsible for all installation, testing, repair, and removal of telecommunication equipment installed under the tower licence
  • if a customer wishes to renew their tower licence, they must do so in writing to Queensland Rail with a minimum of three months and a maximum of one year notice.


Please attention to the subject line​ as per the following:

  • APP: New Applications
  • MTCE: Maintenance and Service Requests
  • BILL: Billing and Invoicing
  • TECH: Technical and Design
  • COM: All other Commercial Enquiries