As a railway manager, Queensland Rail is responsible for managing access to its network.

Access to the  Queensland Rail below rail network by third party access seekers (e.g. rail operators) is facilitated through a declaration, under the Queensland Competition Authority Act 1997 (QCA Act).

The declaration applies to the use of rail transport infrastructure for which Queensland Rail is the railway manager and sets the scope of regulated third party access to that infrastructure.

Rail operators and other access seekers interested in using Queensland Rail's network are required to negotiate an access agreement with Queensland Rail.

The access process is governed by Queensland Rail’s Access Undertaking 1 (AU1) which was approved by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) in October 2016.

As an access seeker, the information on our website will provide you with the information you need to know about our network

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Access Undertaking

Queensland Rail has an Access Undertaking (2016) approved by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA).

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Accessing our track

Queensland Rail manages an open access, multi-user rail network, providing more than 6500 kilometres of track throughout Queensland (Queensland Rail does not manage the Central Queensland Coal Region– this is managed by Aurizon). 

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