Preventative maintenance on the rail network minimises disruptions and helps ensure clients have access to safe, reliable and efficient rail systems.

Queensland Rail's network business manages a maintenance program that achieves the right asset condition for the task and delivers on the specific needs of our customers. We also understand that priorities can change and has the flexibility to respond to demand.

Our team of technical, field and workshop based experts are focused on problem solving and developing innovative maintenance practices that save time, money and improve safety.

Our maintenance experience and expertise includes:

  • preventative network maintenance covering track, traction power, signalling, telecommunications, structures, building and associated assets
  • maintenance work across Queensland's 8000km network incorporating heavy haul, commuter, long distance passenger, fast passenger, general freight and mixed networks
  • yard maintenance
  • resurfacing to return track to normal geometry
  • e​mergency repair, response and recovery.

Our n​etwork business combines extensive experience, an unmatched understanding of rail and leading technology to deliver highly sought after mechanised maintenance solutions for infrastructure projects.

Tailored service offerings are supported by a fleet of specialised maintenance plant and equipment.