Contracting to Queensland Rail

​​Queensland Rail Supplier Code of Conduct

Queensland Rail's goal is to provide a customer-focused, safe, reliable, on-time, and value for money rail service that benefits the community, supports industry and is integrated with the public transport system. We recognise our suppliers play a pivotal role in the achievement of these outcomes.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct | DOC​ sets out the expectations that Queensland Rail has of its existing and future suppliers.

Important Safety and Environmental Considerations

At Queensland Rail, Safety Comes First, Always.  Everything we do is underpinned by our commitment to safety.

Queensland Rail has made changes to our Contractor Safety and Environment Management Process to improve how we manage this important component of how we strive to deliver our vision to connect communities through a modern, world-class rail service. Key changes include:

  • The classification of works and/or services based on risk for which contractors will need to be prequalified (for safety and environment) at that level (or higher), 
  • Revised monthly reporting requirements to enhance the visibility and management of safety, 
  • Changes to how we authorise contractor work to commence to ensure safety and environment requirements have been met prior to the commencement of work.

These changes do not affect current contracts with vendors to supply goods or materials or who are contracted to perform works and/or services on their own premises.

Safety and Environment Prequalification

Contractors who will be engaged to perform works and/or services on Queensland Rail owned or leased property that are categorised at Category 1 or 2 will need to successfully complete Safety and Environment Prequalification.

The four categories of works and/or services are:

  • Category 1 – Construction projects that cost $250,000 or more and Queensland Rail appoints the contractor as Principal Contractor.
  • Category 2 – Field based work performed by contractor working under their own Safety & Environment plan.  Queensland Rail has ongoing duties under rail safety and electrical entity elements of the Queensland Rail SEMS.
  • Category 3 – Field based work performed by contractor working under Queensland Rail SEMS and supervision.
  • Category 4 –Work that is administrative or advisory in nature performed under Queensland Rail SEMS and supervision in an office based or field-based environment.

Safety and Environment Prequalification involves a desktop level assessment of your Safety and Environment processes to meet Queensland Rail minimum expectations.

While the prequalification process shall be prompted prior to release of tender documents, Queensland Rail strongly encourages contractors to commence prequalification at your earliest convenience to ensure you are eligible for upcoming tenders.

The prequalification process will involve the following steps:

  1. Register your interest by emailing and outline the types of works and services you provide, nominated contact details for the person in your company and if currently working with Queensland Rail the name of your Queensland Rail contact person.

  2. You will complete the Safety and Environment Prequalification Questionnaire and submit with all the necessary supporting documentation to - Evidence is to be submitted in zipped files attached to (in some cases) a series of emails. Links to Dropbox etc, will not be accepted due to Queensland Rail’s IT security requirements.​

  3. Your application will be assessed, and you may be contacted by the Assessor to clarify your responses or request additional information to complete the process.  You will be advised of your outcome and when successful you will be issued with a Certificate which you can use in future tendering activities to demonstrate your success in meeting our Safety and Environment Prequalification requirements.

Authority to mobilise work

Prior to a contractor being granted authorisation to mobilise and commence work at Queensland Rail locations an 'Authority to Mobilise Form' must be completed. Your Queensland Rail representative will coordinate this activity to ensure its completion prior to mobilisation and commencement of work.

The key elements of this activity include:

  • Risk documentation
  • Safety and Environment documentation
  • Location specific requirements
  • Competency verification
  • Induction verification
  • Mobile Plant, tools, equipment and hazardous material
  • Capacity to manage any subcontractors.

Safety and Environment reporting

Contractors who are working for Queensland Rail will be expected to produce a monthly Safety and Environment Report and submit this their nominated Queensland Rail representative by close of business of the 3rd working day of each month.


Category 1, 2 and 3 contractor personnel are required to undertake an appropriate Safety and Environment induction prior to the commencement of work.

In the case of a Principal Contractor appointment, relevant content relating to Queensland Rail specific requirements may be included within the contractor delivered induction processes.

Circumstances do exist within the Queensland Rail network where all contractor personnel must participate in Queensland Rail delivered induction processes. This may include participation in online and/or face to face training. These requirements are to be confirmed and agreed prior to mobilisation with your Queensland Rail Representative.

Verification of competencies

Contractors who provide mobile plant operators as part of the contracting service will be required to submit evidence that these operators have been deemed competent to operate relevant plant and machinery. This evidence of competency is to be supplied to your Queensland Rail Representative prior to mobilisation on site.

Network Lockout - 'No lock, no work in the Danger Zone'

All workers who will entering the Danger Zone when completing work within Queensland Rail's danger zone will be required to comply with the Queensland Rail Network Lockout Procedure MD-19-337

Contractors are to ensure that there is sufficient equipment and trained personnel on site to allow for workers to implement the Network Lockout process completely and effectively.

Training is provided to contractors through the Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Program. All workers working the danger zone must complete Module One Training – Introduction to Network Lockout. Planners, Persons in Charge of the Workgroup and Protection Officers must also complete Module Two – Managing Network Lockout.

Specific details about Network Lockout, equipment specification and the process of applying the principles, can be found in Network Lockout Procedure MD-19-337. For more information contact your Queensland Rail representative.

Key Contractor Safety and Environment documents

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