Frequently asked questions


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding transporting over-dimensional loads across the Queensland Rail network. 

The over-dimensional loads team can also be contacted on 07 3072 1719, or emailed at

When do I need to obtain permission from Queensland Rail to travel?

You must have the necessary authority when the load exceeds legislative requirements set down in the Transport Infrastructure (Rail) Regulation 2006. A summary of these requirements can be found in the over-dimensional load's overview. For more details, refer to the Transport Infrastructure (Rail) Regulation 2006 available on the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel web site.

Why do I need a permit?

A permit is an authority to travel, under specific conditions, and is issued to manage adverse effects on Queensland Rail's rail network. A permit is a legislative requirement, and it is important to ensure the safety of all people involved in the transportation of over-dimensional road loads, Queensland Rail staff, and the general public.

A permit also ensures that all Queensland Rail network infrastructure is protected from potential damage and that the police are informed of Queensland Rail network requirements. The Queensland Police Service must check the permit before travel.

Why do I need confirmation?

A confirmation is an authority to travel without added restrictions from Queensland Rail. It is a requirement of the Queensland Police Service that over-dimensional road loads are checked for dimension and route by Queensland Rail before traveling.

The police require all over-dimensional road loads to have a confirmation from Queensland Rail even when it does not travel over Queensland Rail infrastructure.

There is no charge for confirmation.

What is the application fee?

The fee varies, depending on the over-dimensional road load and complexity of the application. A list of the relevant fees can be found at over-dimensional load charges.

Is there an additional fee if I change the details on my application?

You may have to pay an additional permit fee to cover the extra work required to process the change requested. An additional permit fee may apply if the following changes are made outside of the relevant time frames specified by Queensland Rail:

  • change of route
  • change of date
  • change of dimensions.

A list of the relevant fees can be found at over-dimensional load charges.

When I have a change of details, do I have to send a whole new application?

Yes. Return a completed application in full via email to

How much notice does Queensland Rail require?

The application form sets out how much notification must be received by Queensland Rail before the transportation of an over-dimensional road load on Queensland Rail infrastructure. Depending on the type of load that is being transported, different requirements need to be met.

What happens if I don't obtain authority?

You may incur penalty units under the Transport Infrastructure (Rail) Regulation 2006 and be liable for any damages to Queensland Rail network infrastructure.

Please note that a permit or confirmation does not prevent liability including damage to Queensland Rail property and personal injury to any person.

Police escorts should not allow the move to proceed without a written Queensland Rail permit or confirmation to cross the rail infrastructure.

Why must I list overbridge and open level crossings in the application?

This allows routes to be checked in order to ensure the safety of both Queensland Rail's infrastructure and all concerned parties.

Why must I list the time that the over-​dimensional road load will cross an open level crossing?

Queensland Rail requires an estimated time so we can:

  • inform our Train Control to ensure the safe passage of any trains
  • allocate staff at the correct times (if required)
  • a​void incidents involving trains and rail-mounted vehicles that can use the track at any time.

How do I apply for permission?

Apply to move an over-dimensional road load through Queensland Rail's over-dimensional road loads division.

What should I do if I haven't received a permit or confirmation from Queensland Rail?

If you have not received a permit or confirmation by 10am, four working days prior to the move, it is important to call Queensland Rail on 07 3072 1719​ as soon as possible. If you do not contact Queensland Rail your move on the required date may be in jeopardy.