Disclosure log - 2009 archive

Below are the documents released under Right To Information during 2009.

See the disclosure log for the latest documents released.

Information requested
Summary of documents released
23 October 2009RTI-26Fatigue management in Citytrain
Documents for 12 months to August 2009 showing any assessments, analysis, consideration or reports, about drivers of QR passenger trains from high work hours and failures to provide time off
Guides, presentations, studies and analytical reports of fatigue from 1 July 2009
18 September 2009RTI-19Complaints received about train and/or station cleanliness
Total number of complaints about trains and/or station cleanliness, hygiene and litter about Citytrain services for 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09
List showing number of complaints per train line