Disclosure log - 2010 archive

Below are the documents released under Right To Information during 2010.

See the disclosure log for the latest documents released.

Information requested
11 October 2010RTI-127Details of suspensions and dismissals of Citytrain Drivers
Details of suspensions and dismissals of Citytrain Drivers for the years 2007/08 - 2009/10
Spreadsheet showing details of instances for Citytrain Drivers for the year 2009/10. Other years are exempted under FOI provision.
10 September 2010RTI-118Substantiated Fraud and Misconduct
Executive Summaries or equivalent of substantiated cases of fraud or misconduct investigations from 1 Jan 2009
Non personalised details of fraud and serious misconduct results from 1 July 2009.<br> <br>RTI-118 Folios 1 - 4<br>RTI-118 Folios 5 - 8
16 August 2010RTI-104Maintenance of Matthew Tce Caboolture
Copies of documents relating to QR Limited's dealing with Matthew Tce, Caboolture from 11/9/ 07 to 11/9/08
Work schedules (3 pages); Minor work orders (7 pages)
22 March 2010RTI-66Chroming on Citytrain services and stations
Documents for 2 years to March 2010 showing information about reported incidents of chroming on board train and train platforms, and action taken by QR in relation to such incident
Incident reports, emails and correspondence between government departments from 1 July 2009