Disclosure log - 2014 archive

Below are the documents released under Right To Information during 2014.

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Information requested
Summary of documents released
4 December 2014RTI-297Incident at Newmarket Railway Station Stairs
Documents relating to repairs on the stairs leading to the platform at Newmarket Railway Station since 30 January 2014 and complaints about the condition of the stairs made from 30 January 2013.
Repairs on the stairs since 30 January 2014 (12 pages) and complaints about the condition of the stairs made from 30 January 2013 to 3 November 2014 (4 pages).
17 September 2014RTI-285Public Tenders
Varying written documentation regarding a number of tenders and documentation regarding the MBRL Project.
20 pages released (16 full and 4 partial)
23 July 2014RTI-291Narangba Station Upgrade
Completion status, practical completion certificate and final inspection completion certificate
Three (3) pages have been released
10 July 2014RTI-289Queensland Rail executive pay-outs and cost of recruiting new executives
Documents relating to Queensland Rail executives who have left the organisation and cost of recruitment of new executives
six (6) pages with redactions have been released
18 June 2014RTI-287Walton Construction Contract
Communication between Transport Minister and/or staff relating to contracts and/or business dealings with Walton Construction; information relating to QR's decision to transfer contracts from Walton to Tantallon; information about a review into the transfer of contracts from Walton to Tantallon; and documents containing information about Walton payments to Altum Pty Ltd.
Two (2) pages has been released
9 April 2014RTI-281CEO Documentation
Documents relating to pay-outs to CEOs departing the organisation; cost of recruitment of new CEOs; and information relating to reasons why and/or the frequency of CEOs resignation or termination.
One (1) page has been released