Disclosure log - 2016 archive

Below are the documents released under Right To Information during 2016.

See the disclosure log for the latest documents released.

Topic/information released and attachments
Applicant/entity and status
9 December 2016RTI-376
All documents directly or indirectly related to:
the construction of the timber access stairway from the pedestrian overpass to Platform 2 at the Dinmore railway station (“the stairs”);
any maintenance works, including but not limited, the installation of any non-slip material to the nosing of the timber step treads of the stairs; and
any incident(s) concerning the falling or slipping of any person on the stairs.
Timeframe: from the date the access stairs were installed to 2 November 2016.
Murphy Schmidt Solicitors
Application finalised*
8 November 2016RTI-364
CCTV footage from 22 September 2016 around 14:00 to 15:00 hours captured from camera C30 at Chelmer station carpark, facing intersection of Queenscroft Street and Halsbury Street.
Peter Austin
Application finalised*
16 June 2016RTI-347
Statistics of positive drug and/or alcohol test results involving train drivers, since 1 January 2014, including where the incident occurred, what happened, whether or not the result was positive and the outcome.
Seven Network (Operations) Limited
Application finalised*
13 June 2016RTI-351
Copy of receipts and/or invoices relating to the CEO's expenses for:
overseas and interstate travel, excluding within Queensland;
entertainment, e.g. procurement and/or hire of services and resources etc, for events initiated and paid for by the CEO, CEO expenses relating to staff Christmas parties (i.e. itemised expenditure - invoices/receipts), hosting corporate breakfasts, lunches, dinners etc, with clients (internal or external); and
Hospitality – lunch/dinner meetings.
Seven Network (Operations) Limited
Application finalised*
6 April 2016RTI-342
Any options to purchase or contracts for purchase of Lot 1 on RP212242 and any valuation advice or reports in the possession of Queensland Rail with respect to the land. Timeframe: 2005 to present
Thomson Geer Lawyers
Application finalised*
5 April 2016RTI-337
Material relevant to the approval and construction of the bridge located on the land now known as Lot 201 on SP260950 and Lot 202 on SP26095
Thomson Geer Lawyers
Application finalised*
11 January 2016RTI-323
Documents relating to QR’s engagement of consultant over the period April 2015 to August 2015.An audit of QR’s program for the Next Generation Rollingstock including the audit document
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Application finalised*