Disclosure log - 2018 archive

​Below are the documents released under Right To Information during 2018.

See the disclosure log for the latest documents released.

Topic/Information requested/released
Applicant/entity and status
7 August 2018RTI-450
Queensland Rail Board meeting minutes and associated documents concerning NGR and their introduction to service Timeframe: 1 July 2017 to 31 January 2018.

Application finalised

21 May 2018RTI-438
Receipts and other documents showing the corporate credit expenditure of the CEO of QR
Timeframe: April 2017 to March 2018
Office of the Leader of the Opposition, Queensland
Application finalised*
20 July 2018RTI-444
All documents in relation to a fire/s that occurred on 28th August 2017 which encompassed the area from Rosedale 4674 through to Miriam Vale 4677.  All information from Queensland Rail for work maintenance, vegetation maintenance, track inspection reports and any fire reports for 28th August 2017.
Time Period:  28th August 2017 to the present
Member of the Public
Application finalised
13 July 2018RTI-443
Documents about the productivity of City Train Traincrew.
Time period:  2018.
Office of the Leader of the Opposition
Application finalised*
13 July 2018RTI-442
Timesheets or Payroll reports showing hours worked for QR Citytrain traincrew who were assigned to the Gold Coast line during the Commonwealth Games.  
Time period:  April 2018 to present.    
Office of the Leader of the Opposition
Application finalised*
24 April 2018RTI-406

Documents including:

  • compensation claims relating to issues with disability access and/or people with a physical disability falling
  • only incidents where it is apparent that victim had a physical disability
  • reports, claims, ministerial briefings and attachments, audits relating to any deficiencies with disability access/services
  • any briefings and attachments and correspondence/reports to or from, CEO on any particular issues relating to disability access at all SEQ train stations project

Timeframe 1 January 2016 – 15 September 2017

Seven Network (Operations) Limited
Application finalised*
6 July 2018RTI-440
Documents relating to hydrology reports obtained by Queensland Rail before and after the construction of the rail bridge and gabion walls over Cedar Creek at Ferny Grove. 

Time period:  2008 to 2018

Application finalised*
19 April 2018RTI-436
CCTV footage of an accident on 14/2/2018 under the Railway Bridge on Annerley Road (Cnr Park Rd) Dutton Park
Craig Ray & Associates Lawyers

Application finalised*

19 April 2018RTI-433
 CCTV footage of an incident on the southbound train at Coomera surfside bus stop B
TransLink Revenue Protection / Department of Transport and Main Roads
Application finalised*
10 April 2018RTI-434
Incident report, CCTV footage, emails and tax invoice in relation to an incident that occurred on the City to Doomben Line while exiting the train at Ascot Railway Station on a disability ramp between 11am -11.30 am on 28 Dec 2018
Kerin Lawyers
Application finalised*
22 June 2018RTI-435
All reports relating to Signal Passed at Danger incidents for the period from 1 July 2017 to 20 March 2018. Documents should include all reports on the incident by either QR or other agencies used by QR to investigate any SPAD incident on the Citytrain network, including SPAD incidents by both commuter and freight trains. Timeframe: 1 July 2017 to 20 March 2018
The Courier Mail
Application finalised*
13 March 2018RTI-425
Reports, internal correspondence including emails (internal correspondence to the CEO, executive/ministerial briefings and attachments, relating to pay rises or bonuses paid to any member of the Queensland Rail Executive Leadership Team for the period 1 July 2017 – 30 January 2018, including documents showing the QR Executive Leadership Team's current salaries.
Seven Network (Operations) Limited
Application finalised*
7 March 2018RTI-432
Current rail layout plans of Level Crossing 5227 including distances of signal trigger points to the crossing.
Anderson Fredericks Turner Lawyers
Application finalised*
7 March 2018RTI-421
Documents relating to a finalised Tutor Driver recruitment process, interviews and selection including notes from panel. Interview questions and all candidates responses, including any additional notes/comments from panel, and final selection reasoning with notes
Application finalised*
2 March 2018RTI-429
CCTV footage of an incident that occurred at Helensvale Queensland Rail station on 20 November 2017
Translink Division / Department of Transport and Main Roads
Application finalised*
23 February 2018RTI-417
CCTV footage showing vehicle manoeuvring and parked at Beenleigh train station and activity near it
Application finalised*
16 February 2018RTI-405
From 1 January 2017, ministerial notes and attachments, reports internal correspondence and the final thread of emails authored by members of the Executive Leadership Team responsible for operations/services relating to the Commonwealth games and any documents attached regardless of author) in relation to: how many new trains need to be operational in time for the Commonwealth Games and how many are currently operational; problems with new trains being operational in time for the Commonwealth Games; contingencies if there aren't enough trains operational in time for the Commonwealth Games; potential line or station closures if there aren't enough trains available for the Commonwealth Games.
Seven Network (Operations) Limited
Application finalised*
10 August 2018RTI-452

​Memoranda of Understanding that provide for the bonus payment to staff in relation to the Commonwealth Games.

​Office of the Leader of the Opposition
Application finalised*

7 November 2018RTI-455

Gold Coast line initial construction documents circa 1996-1998, Helensvale-Robina documents circa 2006-2009. Internal memos, reports, consultant reports, design drawings or other design documents, as-built records. In particular: a copy of the pre-2009 Code of Practice - Railway Noise Management (2007) or similar version that was operational at the time of the design and construction of the Helensvale - Robina line duplication; the method of calculation and copies of calculations in relation to the increase in daily train movements through Carrara by approximately 20 per cent from 2009 (post line duplication) to [May] 2018 [together with] details of any off-timetable movements and average daily movements on this section of line before the Helensvale - Robina duplication; the civil engineering cross sections and plans be provided for the noise walls indicating: - coordinates of the position of the noise walls between Pappas Way and Nielsens Road; and - plans or cross sections indicating the RL (Reduced Level) above AHO (Australian Height Datum) of the top of the walls: a) before the Helensvale - Robina duplication; and b) after the Helensvale - Robina duplication; a copy of the noise modelling report for the rail design that informed the placement of the noise barriers for: the noise barrier design for the original rail line opened in approximately 1998; and the revised/updated noise modelling report for the revised rail design undertaken for the Helensvale-Robina duplication in approximately 2008; a copy of the document setting out [Queensland Rail's] planning levels and any associated documents relied upon to confirm whether existing adjacent residences were adequately attenuated and protected from these planning level; and [results from] rail noise monitoring undertaken in 2012 at the northern end of Paddington Drive and any associated report/documents including the position of readings and extent of noise measurement durations’.

Application finalised*

09 April 2018RTI-424

Access to ministerial briefing notes and attachments, reports and internal correspondence including emails (in relation to the internal correspondence, please limit searches to only the office of the QR Chief Executive Officer Nick Easy) relating to faults with new trains. Please also include what efforts, if any, have been made to repair the faults and the related costs. Please exclude any documents written by anyone from QR Communications or media teams. Please exclude drafts, duplicates, documents that have already been publicly released, media reports/articles/releases and correspondence with media. If emails are captured, please limit to the just the most recent thread. Please exclude drafts and if there are several briefings on the one topic, please limit to the most recent briefing on that topic. Timeframe 1 December 2017 - 30 January 2017.

Seven Network - Application finalised

17 December 2018RTI-458

Ministerial briefing notes and attachments, reports and internal correspondence (limit searches to QR Chief Executive Officer Nick Easy), relating to rostering issues and/or staff shortages In respect of rostering issues and I or staff shortages - • Limit to traincrew only; • exclude any issues that are general business reporting and include those matters that are escalated; • exclude any issues that are in the nature of individual and/or minor issues, and limit to material addressing broader rostering issues/ shortages; • limit to matters which are 'issues', problems or solutions to problems, rather than general discussion on rostering staffing • include issues relating to JR, absenteeism, Commonwealth Games initiatives, technology issues to the extent they fall within the above. • Include staff shortage material only to the extent they impact or potentially impact Timeframe: Since 1 January 2018.

Seven Network (Operations) Limited
Application finalised*

22 March 2019RTI-465

Copies of Board minutes relating to: • Impact of the 2017 EBA's inclusion of two meal breaks on service delivery eg any financial modelling or crew scheduling • Any overtime considerations/ projections in light of driver recruitment • Projections around end-of-life events for older train sets • Board discussions surrounding payment of bonuses to QR executives • Progress on driver recruitment and impact of retirements on that progress • Passenger security deliberations • Driver productivity concerns eg. Footplate time for meetings between 12 December 2017 and 16 October 2018

Office of the Leader of the Opposition - Application finalised