Performance Payment Policy - Eligible Employees

Our Commitment

In 2019, the Queensland Rail Board resolved to remove Performance Payment eligibility for all eligible employees through a buy-out plan for those who returned new signed contracts no longer containing the performance payment clause.

Queensland Rail now operates a residual Performance Payment Scheme (“Scheme") for those employees who did not sign a new contract and therefore retain performance payment eligibility in their agreement. This Scheme functions on a grandfathered arrangement and as such, any contract issued after 1 July 2019 will not contain performance payment eligibility.

What we will do

The Queensland Rail Board will honor existing agreements in place for those who retain performance payment eligibility by continuing to:​

  • ​ensure the Scheme is clearly aligned with the strategic and operational goals of Queensland Rail outlined in the five-year strategic plan and annual operational plan and with Queensland Rail's Values and Behaviours
  • apply the rules of the Scheme in a robust and consistent manner with organisational key performance indicators (including stretch targets) approved by the Board for the relevant financial year; and
  • consider on an annual basis the achievement of the prescribed organisational key performance indicators (KPIs) and, if appropriate, approve the subsequent funds available for distribution of any performance payments as approved by the Queensland Rail Chief Executive Officer.​